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      Company "Korn" offers managers of sports associations, schools and clubs to equip their teams quality sports clothing and accessories from the Ukrainian national manufacturer with many years of experience.

      Company "Korn" offers entrepreneurs who are engaged in trade, effective modalities of cooperation.

      between products of company are products of such kind of sport as football,walleyball,box,wrestling weightlifting , track and fields,gymnastics , .Rugby, handball, tennis, and winter kinds of sportbesides clothers for sport company Corn offers suits,where they may put national symbols,emblem of city or region.if client wants we may put the name of teams(crews).companies on the clothers by the modern techinque of print and embroidery.


In November 2009 the company "Korn has signed a contract to outfit multiple winner of international competitions in dressage (a type of equestrian sport) Natalia Leschy. The continuation of this project was the establishment of a line of clothing for riding. Soon time on the site there will be photos of the new line models of clothing. Director of "Korn" Kristina Patyk reported her joy in the event of signing the contract: Natalia Leschy - a true professional in his business. Dressage - it's not massive, but very prestigious sport. I am very pleased that we have begun to cooperate with her and opened up new possibilities for tailoring a specialized sports clothing and new markets both in Ukraine and abroad. I believe that our cooperation will bring success to both parties.



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